darling, you'll be okay
daily reminder that you are strong enough to get through this, you are beautiful, you are loved and you are never alone. let music be your infinite escape. be your own anchor. take as long as you need. keep your head up. you've got this, you cutie.

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seriously just thank you all so much for everything i can’t even say in words how much all your messages and replies and everything has meant to me i love you all so much

my nana just passed away and nothing feels real and i don’t know what to do she practically raised me and now she’s gone i feel like i don’t even know she was my reason for living and now she’s gone and i don’t want to live in a world that she’s not a part of

Kesha at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards


Sometimes, it’s not a bad seed, just a bad influence.

 (courtesy of leo-fitz-is-a-gryffindor)

"phil lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but thats okay because he has a lovely personality. - dan"

"dan howell - whose name rhymes with hand towel and hand scowl and sand owl - was created when a woodland creature had a baby with liam payne from one direction - phil"