darling, you'll be okay
daily reminder that you are strong enough to get through this, you are beautiful, you are loved and you are never alone. let music be your infinite escape. be your own anchor. take as long as you need. keep your head up. you've got this, you cutie.

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my top 24 albums released in 2013:

the 1975 - the 1975 • a day to remember - common courtesy • bastille - bad blood • blessthefall - hollow bodies • bring me the horizon - sempiternal • british india - controller • citizen - youth • echosmith - talking dreams • fall out boy - save rock and roll • hands like houses - unimagine • letlive. - the blackest beautiful • like moths to flames - an eye for an eye • little mix - salute • lorde - pure heroine • the maine - forever halloween • man overboard - heart attack • panic! at the didsco - too weird to live too rare to die • paramore - paramore • real friends - put yourself back together • secrets - fragile figures • the story so far - what you don’t see • tonight alive - the other side • we came as romans - tracing back roots • the wonder years - the greatest generation

this took me so long ok like do you know how many good albums came out this year (and next year is going to be even better omg) this was as small as i could get it if you wanna see my full list go here

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